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April 10, 2008




Um...hell no! FYI, the French sheep slays me! The pearls...I fell off my chair!

I am envisioning a book deal here. Can't you just see French sheep at a little outdoor cafe having an Orangina (a straw, of course) with a lovely croissant & slice of brie? Oh la la!
Here's an idea, chug the sauce & make as many freakin' sheep as your little shaking fingers can muster! What's a little gnashing of the teeth now & then? Most artists are in fact tortured. It's your cross to bear. L



hey, the beginning of my comment was cut off. It should begin with this:

and then my response...
Au revoir!


Huh, it happened again.

Well, I copied/pasted something from your post- that must be the issue. I'll just retype.

You said:

Do you think its odd behavior for an adult to dress up pretend sheep?

My comment was a response to this question.

Adieu! L


They look like they are making a "deal" in the last shot!

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