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May 10, 2014


Lynette Mattke

Oh, I love your work. Those scarfs are lovely. And the way you set up the baby sweaters on your beautiful wide wood planks is fantastic. The sweaters are pretty nice, too.

Ms. Ellaneous

Thanks Lynette! I can't stop knitting those sweaters. Thankfully people keep having babies for me to knit for. I'm learning a lot about setting up shots and editing at work. It's fun to try things out on my own things!

Susie Bluestone

Is that a black sheep I see in that flock of lovelys?

Ms. Ellaneous

That one was ordered by a friend. It's a Cormo, made with some of her own roving from a sheep share.


love the photo of rooshed on your buddy! nice!


Ahhh... the rooshed moves on. I saw that one on you in the store one day last year and had to have the pattern. I made one for my SIL, then had to have one for myself. I love that pattern, and I'm wearing mine now (surprise surprise). I practically live in it all winter.

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